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Peter A. Abrametz

My office represents clients in relation to immigation matters, criminal offences, as well as insurance law and personal injury litigation and real estate sales.

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 As of July of 2010, all independant category immigrants must take a mandatory Engish test: my clients have been taking the IELTS exam:


The Government of Saskatchewan has recently entered into an Agreement with the Government of Canada, Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC), whereby Saskatchewan has had some authority over the selection of immigrants delegated to it. Saskatchewan has started a program called the Saskatchewan Immigrant Nominee Program (SINP) that allows prospective immigrants to apply to the SINP rather than CIC; if SINP approves of an applicant, CIC is informed and the applicant is granted status to come to, or remain in Canada as a landed immigrant (subject only to screening for health and criminality). The benefit is twofold: 1) the criterion under the SINP are in many ways easier to meet than the CIC criterion; and 2) the processing time for SINP applications is considerable less than CIC applications. The result of the SINP is that it is easier for most prospective immigrants to come to Saskatchewan than most other provinces: the reason is very simple: we need immigrants in Saskatchewan. The population has stagnated at around the 1 million mark for 70 years; this is despite the enormous wealth the province has in terms of farmland, forests, lakes and rivers, uranium, oil, potash, gold and diamonds.  Here are links to the program:

SINP  or 


I am registered as a Notary Public with the American Consulate in Calgary Alberta: this means that I can execute documents that are required to be Notarized in the United States.


I often work with an immigration consultant. Here is a link to her business:


PIN services Ltd:  If you are interested in coming to Canada as an investor or entrepreneur, please check out They list properties accross Canada, including Saskatchewan, in almost every industry. I work with this firm, and am mentioned on the page. Please note that, for Saskatchewan purposes, is an advertising agency, they are not realtors! 


And a mortgage broker, gentleman and scholar:



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