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Peter A. Abrametz

I provide legal services related to Canadian Immigration Law. My office is located in Prince Albert, Saskatchewan, Canada.

I have been practising law since 1995. I was born and rased in Saskatchewan.


I am a University of Saskatchewan alumni , and a member of the Law Society of Saskatchewan, which makes me a member of the Western Canadian Bar; I have represented clients at all three (3) levels of Saskatchewan Courts, as well as the Provincial and Queen's Bench Courts in Alberta, and the Supreme Court level in Manitoba and British Columbia.  I am a member of the Saskatchewan Trial Lawyers Association .


 I live in Prince Albert, Saskatchewan: . Prince Albert is known as the 'Gateway to the North', as it is situation in the centre of the province, with mostly farming country to the South and forests and lakes to the North. Prince Albert  was the home of the University of Saskatchewan between the years 1873 and 1906, when it moved to Saskatoon, Saskatchewan; the Saskatchewan Pentientiary now sits on the site of the first U of S campus in Prince Albert. Prince Albert is also the 'cradle' of socialized medicine in North America: The Canadian medical system also has some impact on Canadian immigration laws:


We have a new indoor soccer centre in Prince Albert. And in addition to anaswering to the the names Peter, Sir and Buddy, you can also call me Coach.


 For more news from Prince Albert, here's a link to Councillor Atkinson's blog: There is also a link to our local newspaper in the 'Latest News" page.


 In February of 2007, I was appointed as a legal member of the Canada Pension Plan/Old Age Security Review Tribunal for the Province of Saskatchewan for a period of three years: I was re-appointed in March of 2010.


With regards to Canadian immigration matters, I have represented clients in the Federal Court Trial Division, Immigration Division, Immigration Appeal Division, and appeared with clients at interviews with CIC in Canadian embassies and consulates in the United States, Ukraine and CIC offices in Canada. I have represented clients from every continent (except Antarctica).

 I am conversant in both Russian and Ukrainian. My staff can provide assistance in French and Spanish.

 I recently attended a seminar on immigration law hosted by the Law Society of Alberta. I was a member of the Immigration Committee for the Ukrainian Canadian Congress  for several years. I do pro bono legal work for the Prince Albert Multicultural Centre and for two religious organizations in relation to their immigration law needs.


Thank you, Fr Ivan, for the great website:


About Saskatchewan:  I live right in the middle of the province: to the North is lakes and forests, fishing, hunting, and gold and uranium. To the South is farming country, wheat, mustard, barley and canola, cattle ranching and potash mining.


I was a sponsor for the 2010 PA Vintage Power Machines Festival, the 30th annual: here is a nice picture of part of a 1910 Case steam tractor and a 1912 Eatons stationary steam engine: 



We have a few months of winter every year, and I am very proud to be the counsel for the Prince Albert Winter Fesival: the 2012 Winter Festival will be the 48th annual.


I am also pro bono counsel for the Saskatchewan Museum's Assocition:


I recently visited the Association in Defence of the Wrongfully Convicted inToronto and joined that organization;


 Criminal Law: links to some articles and cases of mine:



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